Selected Project List

Parks: Large Urban & Rural Parks, Archaeological & National Parks

ongoingEcoSport Park, Ashkelon
ongoingWine Park, Ashkelon
ongoingGlil Yam Park
planning ongoing Independence Park and Mamila Pool, Jerusalem, additions to the existing park
2019Nachal Yarmut Park, Bet Shemesh
2017Recreation Areas in the Arazim Valley Metropolitan Park, Jerusalem
2008/2011/2014 Herzliya Park, Stage 1, 2 & 3
2013Park of the Groves, Tel Aviv
2013Arazim Valley Metropolitan Park, rehabilitation of the stream bed, Jerusalem
2006Park Neot Ha Shikma, Rishon Le Zion
2006/2002/1999 Caesarea, educational areas in the archaeological park, Hippodrome area, "King Herod" palace, the old port and the old city, ancient Roman town
1997Jerusalem Independence Park
1995Central Park, Eilat
1994Hof Hasharon National Park
1989Beit-Guvrin National Park
1988Central Park of Gilo neighborhood, Jerusalem
1985 Castel National Park
1984American Independence Park in the Judean Hills
1983Sapir Park in the Negev Desert
1983Kidron Valley, Yad Avshalom, Jerusalem’s "Biblical Park”
1975Archaeological park around the southern wall of the Old City of Jerusalem, preservation of antiquities, landscaping, roads and parking areas
1975Beit Shalom Park, Jerusalem

Urban Landscapes: Green Open Spaces as Part of New Urban Expansions, Plazas, Promenades & Beaches

Planning ongoingNeighborhood Park Wadi Joz, Jerusalem
2020New City Center, Modiin
2019Light Sculpture Plaza, Modiin
2018Fountain Plaza, Modiin
2017Crater Park, Givataim
2017/2013Hashmonaim Linear Park, Modiin
2017Dead Sea Promenade and Beach at Lot Solarium, Ein Bokek
2009Central town and market square, Modiin
1998Park Valley 17 and ‘Fish’ Park, Modiin
1996Kishle Park and Virgin Mary Spring in Nazareth
1995Malcha Central Park and central boulevard, Jerusalem
1989The Sherover Promenade, Jerusalem
1989Suzanne Delal Dance and Theater Center, a series of urban plazas in Neve Zedek, Tel Aviv
1986The Haas Promenade, Jerusalem, joint venture with Lawrence Halprin
1985Landscape architect for the Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem, Old City

Civic Landscapes: Public Institutions, Campuses, Museums & Memorials

ongoingThe Schottenstein National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel, Jerusalem
ongoingJerusalem Botanical Gardens, various additions to the design since 1986
2019Levontin Courtyard, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Har HaZofim Campus
2016Shalva, the national park for mentally and physically challenged children, Jerusalem
2014Hadassa Hospital Healing Gardens, Jerusalem
2005/2013Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Jerusalem
2010American Consulate, Jerusalem
2010Student Union Entrance Square of the Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa
2004Central Plaza for the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), Haifa
2000Renovation of the Jerusalem Theatre Plaza
1995Central Plaza of Beer Sheva University, Kreitman Square
1978Y.M.C.A. forecourt in Jerusalem

Architecture: Public & Private Buildings, Restoration

Planning ongoingThe Margulies Entrance Pavilion, Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
Planning ongoingPark & ride underground parking garage, Derech Hevron, Jerusalem
ongoingLot 25 LRT Depot, Operation and Government offices, Jerusalem
ongoingSha’ar Hagai museum, visitor center, restaurant and public facilities, renovation and addition of new buildings, Sha’ar Hagai National Park
2020New entrance building and conference center for the Botanical Garden, Jerusalem
2019Dvorsky Greenhouse in the Botanical Gardens, Jerusalem
2014Restaurant and service building, Herzliya Park, third stage
2013Cafe Agron, coffee shop in the Independence Park, Jerusalem
2011Apartment building, Jerusalem
2011Coffee Shop and service building, Herzliya Park, second stage
2009House in Har Adar #2
2008Coffee Shop and service building, Herzliya Park, first stage
2007House in the Hefer Valley
2004New Veterinary Services of Jerusalem, administration building and animal kennels
2004House in Shoresh, with Tova Dagan
2002House in Mevasseret, with Tova Dagan
2000House in Har Adar #1, with Tova Dagan
1993Orchidea Hotel, Eilat
1986Restaurant in the Jerusalem Haas Promenade, with Lawrence Halprin
1985Restoration of the Dung Gate and Zion Gate, the Old City of Jerusalem
1984Nes Harim Swimming pool and restaurant complex in Judean Hills
1983Thirty-seven town houses in Mevaseret Zion
1983Renovation of the Abu Gosh mosque
1975"The Cardo" market and residential area in the Jewish Quarter. The competition and the early development phase (with Peter Bogod and Esther Niv-Krendel)

Planning: Landscape & Urban Planning, Studies & Design Guidelines

ongoingStatutory plan for the Ben Shemen forest
ongoingMasterplan for the Safari Park, Ramat Gan
ongoingTree Planting Guidelines for the Ministry of Housing
ongoingWalkability study for the transportation hub in the Khan area, Jerusalem
ongoingStatutory plan for a park & ride underground parking garage, Har HaZofim, Jerusalem
ongoingStatutory plan for the Yarkon and Shilo River Park Area in Petah Tikva, in charge of open spaces
ongoingStatutory plan for northern C.B.D area of Beit Shemesh and the Sorek River Park, in charge of open spaces
ongoingStatutory plan for the Yarkon National Park, Tel Afek, landscape and architecture, Rosh HaAyin
ongoingMaster plan for Kseife, in charge of open spaces
ongoingUrban renewal plan for Sde Dov district, Tel Aviv, (with lead architect Ari Cohen)
ongoingOutline plan of biosphere areas in Israel (with lead planner Moti Kaplan)
2018Strategic master plan for the development of all open spaces in Talpiot district, Jerusalem
2017/2018Statutory plans for the LRT Green Line and Red Line extensions, Jerusalem, architecture and open spaces
2018Brochure of all standard architectural and landscape details for the LRT in Jerusalem
2018Brochure of all standard landscape details for the city of Eilat
2017Development plan for new tourism area in Mizpe Ramon, architecture and open spaces
2017/2016Statutory plans for new neighborhoods in Ashkelon, Akko, Sirkin, Kazrin and Beit Shemesh, in charge of open spaces
2017Development plan for area around the eastern Lagoon in Eilat, architecture and open spaces
2017Statutory plan for Park Ecosport, Ashkelon, architecture and open spaces
2016Master plan Central IDF Technology Campus, Beer Sheva, in charge of open spaces
2016Master plan for Mitzpe Ramon, in charge of open spaces
2013Statutory plan for the Emek Arazim Metropolitan Park
2010Statutory plan for the Shaar Hagai National Park
2005National outline plan for the entire country, “NOP 35”, one of five authors, in charge of open spaces and physical appearance
2005Master plan for Jerusalem 2000, one of six authors, open areas plan, not approved
1997Landscape design for the main trunk road of Israel, Road no. 6
1996Landscape master plan for the city of Nazareth
1995National outline plan of forestation, NOP 22 (with Moti Kaplan and Ilan Beeri)
1994Strategic plan for the expanded city of Beit Shemesh; a city for 175,000 people over an area of about 36,000 acres (with David Resnick)
1989Master Plan for the Beit Guvrin National Park
1988Landscape Master plan for the city of Eilat
1976Master plan for the Judean Hills Region
1974Master plan for the Yatir Forest
1971/1973High building study for Jerusalem, visual analysis of building plans and studies for the Western Wall area
1971Open space plan for Jerusalem C.B.D

Infrastructure: Roads, Intersections, Bridges & Parking Lots, Railways, Lightrails, Metro & Airports

ongoingPierre Koenig Street South, Jerusalem
ongoingLRT Purple Line, Tel Aviv
planning ongoingRoad #22, landscaping and architecture Jerusalem
ongoingLRT Green Line, Jerusalem, landscaping and architecture
ongoingLRT Blue Line, Jerusalem, landscaping
ongoingSouthern Railway Line to Eilat, landscaping (schematic design)
2020LRT Red Line – University extensions, Jerusalem, landscaping and architecture
2020LRT Red Line – from Hadassah Hospital to Kibbutz Ora, Jerusalem, landscaping and architecture
2017Eastern Railway Line, landscaping and architecture, (detail design)
2016Road #16, preparation of PFI documents, landscaping and architecture, Jerusalem
2016LRT Yellow Line, Tel Aviv, landscaping, (schematic design)
2015Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway - Road #1, between Shaar Hagai and the entrance to Jerusalem, Preparation of DB documents and project supervision, landscaping and architecture
2015Road #38, Judean Hills, preparation of DB documents and project supervision, landscaping and architecture
2010Raanana North Interchange, landscaping and architecture
2009Nesharim Interchange, landscaping and architecture, final stage
2009LRT Red Line, Bat Yam to Yaffo-Tel Aviv, (schematic design)
2006Timna Airport, Israel, landscaping (schematic design)
2005Shoresh Interchange, Road #1, landscaping and architecture
2004Ben-Gurion International Airport, landscaping
2004Ben Shemen, Kfar Daniel and Nesharim Interchange, Road #6, landscaping and architecture
2001Kesem Interchange, Road #6, landscaping and architecture
1989Shaar Hagai Interchange, Road #1, landscaping and architecture
1987Landscape architect for the Negev phosphate plant, developing new quarrying methods in Nahal Zin
1985Dead Sea Potash Conveyor Belt, 18km, landscaping and architecture
1982Landscape consultant for Nature Reserves Authority and Israel Defense Forces for new roads and installations in the Negev Desert
1968The road along the Dead Sea, landscaping


2020Eretz Israel Museum - MUSA, Tel Aviv, 2nd Prize, 2020
2016Coastal Park, Tel Aviv, 2016
2016Synagogue, Modiin, 2016
2016Denya Square, Jerusalem, 2016
2012Sde Dov (with Ari Cohen Architects), Tel Aviv, 1st Prize, 2012
2010Northern Entrance to Beer Sheva, 1st prize, 2010
2009Park of the Groves, Tel Aviv, 1st Prize, 2009
2009Waterfront Promenade and Central Square, Eilat, 2009
2004Hiriya Refuse Mountain, Ayalon Park, 2004

Work outside Israel

1999China - EXPO 99, the Israeli Garden. Awards: The Silver Medal for Design
1992Egypt - Suma Bay master plan and landscape consultant for a 12 square kilometer Resort development including 19 hotels, 410 villas and an 18-hole golf course on the Red Sea
1991Italy - La Selva master plan for recreation and tourism, 1200-acre site, near Rome, with three pilot projects
1990Japan - Expo 90", Osaka, the Israeli Garden. Awards: The Best Prize, Honor Prize and two Gold Medals
1981Canada - Jerusalem garden and pavilion, Montreal EXPO
1975Iran - Arya Mehr, Iran National Botanical Garden, water fixtures and canals