The firm of Shlomo Aronson Architects was founded four decades ago. Throughout these years we designed and developed hundreds of projects, mainly in Israel but also abroad. Over the years our multi-disciplinary office has acquired a varied and rich expertise in different fields of architecture and landscape architecture, from national, regional and local master plans to the detailed design of landscape architectural projects, architecture and project supervision. We believe in practicing architecture and landscape architecture jointly and on the widest platform possible: it is much more productive to design a landscape or a building complex as part of a comprehensive design philosophy that you help to formulate at the scale of policy making. To this day the specialty of our office is not to specialize on a particular aspect of our profession but to plan projects from their conception, from the master plan phase, to their construction. Good planning influences good architectural design, and vice versa.

The projects are designed and executed in our office by an experienced and skilled team of architects and landscape architects, headed jointly by Landscape Architect Barbara Aronson and Architect Ittai Aronson, advised by Landscape Architect and office founder Shlomo Aronson.

Partners: Shlomo Aronson, Barbara Aronson, Ittai Aronson

Staff: Adi Noi, Vardit Shoval, Svetlana Sirota, Lilach Avital, Iris Rachmilevitch, Zivya Frieder Fullman,  Alon Schwartz, Nicolas Petchersky, Rehael Berdugo,  Alla Basnovty, Einav Yagel, Michal Doukarsky, Yarden Elhanan, Daniel Shorer, Yardena Amir, Ariel Friedman, Ulrich J. Becker, David Gruss, Tomer Rabinowitz, Orr Niv, Ayehlet Cooper.